Monday, 23 August 2010

Buggy Trials

its a challenge going out and about on your own with a young baby. The amount of equipment needed, coupled with my ancient and small VW Polo makes travelling a little stressful. We bought a pram from Mothercare.
It's a snazzy 3 wheel all terrain thingy that Makes my wee Nancy lovely and comfy but it's a horror to wheel around small shops and through doorways. It is also a massive brute that takes up the boot and back seat of my car- which doesn't have central locking .
To go out , after packing the bag with all weather clothing, nappies, mat, wipes, cream etc, and placing my precious cargo into her car seat,
1 open passenger door, to get access to rear door ( my airbags can't be switched off so Nancy has to travel in the back seat where I can't see her - and ensuring any front seat passeng
er who is taller than 5'2 is squashed)
2 wrestle car seat into the back seat and attach seatbelt around. This involves pushing, pulling and picking the belt into place. The car seat itself is a maxi-cosi, super comfy for the baby, but to move the handle takes two hands and dextrous manipulation. Baby secured we move on to
3 Open driver door, to gain access to back door. Open back door. Take top part of pram off chassis and put on back seat.
4 open boot, fold pram chassis and place in boot, lock boot, and all car doors , but drivers door, get in , drive- phew!

When we arrive at our destination we assemble the whole package again for a walk around shops that are too cluttered and many, many who have no access without pushing or pulling a door or stairs, or an overused ( usually by the lazy) lift. it's a challenge .