Sunday, 17 February 2013

My sisters, Linda, Lesley and I attended the Quirky Wedding Fair today at Belfast's Waterfront Hall. Linda is a talented florist and has a background in interior design and decor. Lesley and I went to help her man her stall and answer questions.

 It was fun I enjoyed it. It could almost put me in the mood for a wedding. Some of the amazing talents people have. Its wonderful to see such creative talents, from cupcakes and amazing wedding cakes, including a 4 tier watery wonder with a lighthouse on top and a bottom layer made up of driftwood.

 A bevy of glamorous stylists and hairdressers promised to turn you into a burlesque beauty for your big day. Dresses from simple silk shifts to fluffy bejeweled meringues  The bridal models were an interesting crew. Supposed to be bridal, and therefore radiant and joyful on their happy day they strutted and pouted about more low rent fashion show than big day beaming. It was a pity really as some of the dresses were glorious.
Another very talented friend was exhibiting also, Moneeza Khan, who makes gorgeous antiqued paper books for carrying treasured memories of weddings, holidays and families

As Linda said the wedding business is a good one to be in, a lot of happy people. I hope they all have wonderful quirky wedding days .

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

I've been writing a rhyming story for children set in Belfast for donkey's years now and I have decided the time is nigh to get the damned thing finished and sent off to a publisher, so by Feb 28th I will have a complete draft, finished and ready to go, wish me luck. Thereafter I will be entering a short story a month into as many competitions I can find, time to ramp it up.

High over the slipways,
On the shores of the lough
Worked Bradley John Maxwell
A Young welder from Clough..............

I have signed up to a creative writing class again, this will be my 6th or 7th class in as many years. I love it. I have always been a lover of stationery,pens and papers and coloured ink and folders and paperclips. i love stationery shops, and catalogues. I love the idea of having my whole life organised into beautifully coloured folders with coordinating inks labelling every little piece, keeping it neat and rainbow regular.
The reality is I am a stationary loving clutter bug who rarely organises anything and almost never writes , apart from in class.
I had coffee this week with two girlfriends  both working mums like me. One of these ladies raises her two young children alone all week as her husband works away and is only home one night of the week. She runs a business from her home and has found time to write a book !! I needed a kick and this was it .

A little every day, even if it is crap, is better than nothing.